Italian Margarita

Italian Margarita $12 Patron, Disaronno and citrus served in a salt-rimmed glass

Limoncello Cosmo

Limoncello Cosmo $11 Vodka, fresh citrus, cranberry and Limoncello, served up with a sugar rim


Apertini $12 Aperol, Campari, and tequila with a splash of citrus, topped with prosecco

Lemon Basil Tonic

Lemon Basil Tonic $9 Tanqueray muddled with fresh basil and lemon, topped with tonic

Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini $12 Grey Goose and chocolate liqueur with a splash of Kahlua and fresh espresso


Godfather $10 Simple mix of Disaronno and Bourbon served over a large rock


Bellissima $10 Pomm liqueur, Campari, white wine with a splash of seltzer

Amore Martini

Amore Martini $10 Fresh brewed espresso shaken with Disaronno, served up with a dash of cream


Bellini $12 Lamarca Prosecco with seasonal fruit puree

Negroni Spritz

Negroni Spritz $12 Tanqueray, Campari and Vermouth and topped with prosecco

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