Pink Margarita

Pink Margarita Refreshing twist on the classic margarita

Limoncello Cosmo

Limoncello Cosmo $11 Vodka, fresh citrus, cranberry and Limoncello, served up with a sugar rim


Hugo $13 Elderflower & Prosecco garnished with orange, lime and mint

Moscato Mule

Moscato Mule $8 Tito’s, Moscato, and roses lime topped with ginger beer


Godfather $10 Simple mix of Disaronno and Bourbon served over a large rock

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz $13 Refreshing blend of Aperol, Prosecco and Soda

Mangiare Sangria

Mangiare Sangria $9 Ever-changing blend of wine, spirits and juices


Bellini $12 Lamarca Prosecco with seasonal fruit puree


Negroni $10 Tanqueray, Campari and Vermouth

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