Mangiare opening

Mangiare opens a new chapter in Italian cuisine in Green Bay

Legendary service, fantastic food highlight an exceptional dining experience

Fans of exceptional Italian cuisine have a new destination in Mangiare, a locally owned and operated restaurant in downtown Green Bay opening on July 8th. Located at 121 N. Adams St. (previously the site of the Candlestick Lounge), Mangiare will offer the same legendary service as its sister restaurant a block away, Republic Chophouse.

Mangiare (pronounced man-JHAH-ree) differs slightly from Republic Chophouse in its family-friendly ambiance compared to a fine dining environment. However, the same attention to detail and commitment to excellence combine to elevate the dining experience at Mangiare. Shared staff will deliver a consistent, unmatched dining experience at both locations.

“Our team is the driving force behind our ability to do for Italian at Mangiare what Republic Chophouse does for steak,” states co-owner Patrick Neph. “Our mission is to offer the best dining experiences north of Chicago regardless of which restaurant is your choice for the evening.”

Influenced by the Tuscany region of northern Italy, Mangiare creates its dishes with only the freshest and most authentic ingredients. The menu features dishes made with balsamic and oils sourced directly from Italy, breads from specialty bakeries, and a wide assortment of quality wines.

“Our chefs are able to create intensely satisfying dishes that match a level of service that sets us apart and makes for a truly memorable evening,” Neph says. “Whatever you need, our team will take care of it. As we like to say, ‘Absolutely – No Problem.’ ”

Go to to view the Mangiare menu and book your reservation.

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